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Social Management


Social Management

All-in-one Social Media Management

Want to save your time and have more fun? Plan, publish and promote your products and services on over 30 social networks, while you focus on running your business, serving clients, or pursuing your passions.

MANAGE social media posts.

MANAGE social media content & calendar.

MANAGE social media ads & promotions.

MANAGE social media messages.

MANAGE social media reports.

BONUS: Free Social Buttons! Worth: £200

Simplify your busy business life. Prepare your posts or promotions using our Social Publisher platform and order physical buttons to stick anywhere or clip-on so you can post on your social profiles with one simple push so you can improve productivity, increase revenue, and cut costs.

Social Button

WIRELESS BUTTON with app making it easy to configure and fast to use.

PUSH TO POST and notify social followers of daily offers to grow sales.

ICON STICKERS so that your clear what social media account it posts to.

MULTI-USES to automate your social media tasks and routines with one push.

SIMPLE DESIGN to avoid the distractions of looking at your phone or computer.


Social Suite

Social Marketing


Social Management

All-in-one Social Media Marketing.

Want to save money on marketing costs while you relax? Turn social into regular traffic, leads, and sales for your business with our marketing tools that help spread the word about your products or services via social media.

MARKET with social publishing.

MARKET with social promotions.

MARKET with social media ads.

MARKET with social directory.

MARKET with email, whatsApp, and SMS.

BONUS: Free SEO Report! Worth: £50

Identify your SEO mistakes and optimize your web page contents for a better search engine ranking. It also offers side-by-side SEO comparisons with your competitors. Analysis report also be downloaded as PDF file for offline usage.

Social SEO

META TAGS such as title, description, keywords and more.

BACKLINKS on other sites and social counts.

PAGE SPEED to see how fast it loads on desktop and mobile with tips.

MOBILE compatibility with preview.

REPORTS you can download to send to clients.

BONUS: Free Social Sign & Promotion! Worth: £500

Want massive growth fast by getting as many users as possible? Our gamified promo tool allow visitors to play and share, or invite friends to unlock your offer!

Grow footfall with the share button for the real world! - Print a Social Sign and display at your business or give cards to customers. Customers can scan the code to visit your promotion page and share with friends to claim your offer.

Social Sign

TRIPPLE traffic, followers & customers 24-7 while you relax.

MORE sharing and referrals for your business.

BRIDGE from offline to your online social profiles with a sign.

GROW more footfall, customers and sales.

DISPLAY sign on shop window, door, counter, tables, etc or give cards.


Social Suite

Social Messaging


Social Management

All-in-one Social Media Messaging

Want to grow customer loyality and more profits? Use our messaging tools to allow customers to reach your business everywhere so you can convert more, retain more, and profit more.

Customers can engage with your brand and seek customer service to resolve problems in their own time, on a familiar channel. Messaging puts customers back in control, where they should be.

MESSAGE customers via messaging apps to take bookings.

MESSAGE customers via social media networks to grow referrals.

MESSAGE customers via email & SMS to build subscribers.

MESSAGE customers to send appointment reminders, and reduce no-shows.

MESSAGE customers to send follow-ups or promotions, and grow sales.

BONUS: Free Social Phone! Worth: £200

Get the world's first Android Social Phone so you can call, chat or videophone customers to take bookings everywhere and for product demonstrations.

Social Phone

HUGE TOUCHSCREEN so its easy to show off media, products or callers.

SIM CARD SLOT so you can use our platform to send bulk messages.

WIFI & WIRELESS so you can take calls anywhere or control other devices.

FRONT CAMERA so you can video call customers or supervise employees.

GOOGLE PLAY so you can install social messaging apps for easy access.


Social Suite

Social Monitoring


Social Management

All-in-one Social Media Monitoring

Want to mantain your business reputation and grow brand advocates? Find out what people are saying about your brand, business, products or services, competitors, and industry on social media, blogs, and review sites in real-time.

The information can give you valuable insights, lead to faster response times, PR crisis prevention, and identification of brand advocates. It also can be used to resolve issues, manage your brand's reputation, boost your brand awareness, gain PR insights, improve customers' experience, and discover new opportunities.

MONITOR pages, profiles, and posts.

MONITOR blogs and review sites.

MONITOR keywords and hashtags.

MONITOR products and websites.

MONITOR jobs and leads.

BONUS: Free Social Training! Worth: £1000

Watch free Social Media courses for tips, tricks and tactics to grow your traffic, sales and customers.

Social Training

UPDATE your social media knowledge of new features.

OUTSMART your competitors by being in the know.

SAVE MONEY with free courses by industry experts.

SAVE TIME from searching countless videos, we do that for you.

LEARN ANYTIME by going at your own pace.


Social Suite

Social Merchants

Social Management

All-in-one Social Media Merchants

Want to stand out from the rest and skyrocket conversions? Use our merchant tools to sell on social media and increase brand visibility, attract more high-quality leads, and improve your sales.

MERCHANT on social media networks.

MERCHANT via social messaging apps.

MERCHANT with your own store and keep 100% of profits.

MERCHANT via WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger chatbots.

MERCHANT with our social shopper platform in unique bids auctions.

BONUS: Free Social Smart Glasses! Worth: £300

Ready for smart glasses? Make yours Ray-Ban Stories, the latest in wearable tech. The smart eyeglasses and smart sunglasses, with camera and audio, combine legendary Meta (previously Facebook) technology and iconic Ray-Ban style. With Ray-Ban X Meta glasses you can take photos and videos, listen to music and calls, and share content directly to your social media channels.

Smart Glasses

CAPTURE high-quality photos and videos with audio hands-free.

SHARE on social media with your followers.

CLASSIC RayBan frames, shapes, colors and lenses.

AUDIO to listen to music or take calls with bult-in mic.

WIFI to import and edit captures, create and share unique content.


Social Media Tools

Our Projects

Check out some tools included with our Social Media Platform.

Welcome to Social Suite

We Are Digital Agency that helps small businesses grow

Our Why (Mission)

Our mission is to help small businesses and trade professionals with their social media management, marketing, monitoring & messaging in one place, so they can grow traffic, leads, and customers, to save their time, money, and resources.

We provide a platform to automate their social media to attract, engage, and convert new customers while they focus on running their business, serving customers, or pursuing passions.

Our When (Story)

Over a decade ago, social media was exploding. Small businesses with great ideas but with limited time, money, and resources found it challenging to grow at scale. They needed an automated and cost-effective way to grow their traffic, leads, and sales or bookings 24-7 while they focused on running their business, serving customers, and pursuing their passions—so we built tools to do that. The harsh reality is that if no one knows about your business, then you have no business. Social Suite makes it easier for more people to get to know about your business.

Our Who (Clients)

Did you know that roughly 80% of businesses fail within their first year? So we are in the business to make you succeed.

Use Social Suite to manage all your social accounts, market your products & services, monitor your brand discussions, and message your customers, so you can save over 70% of your time, money, and resources. Do things at fraction of the cost and get better results.

You want to save time - The last thing you want to do is sit on your computer all day long marketing, I'm sure you got better things to do. We built tools to do it for you.

You want to save money - We know you spend too much money on re-advertising because customer leads dry up, so we built tools for you to have regular leads 24-7 without breaking the bank.

You want to save resources - The more you do, the more profits you keep but there are not enough hours in the day to do everything yourself, so we built tools to automate your social media so you don't have to hire people to do it.

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Customers’ Choice for Social Marketing Management

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