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Viral Growth Calculator

You could get people to sign-up (e.g. enter their email or phone number) and leave it at that...
...OR you could grow your signups virally by incentivising people to share with Social Suite.

Below you'll find a viral calculator that will help you estimate the effect this will have.



instead of 0 signup

(Viral Coefficient = 0 )

"If you build it, they will come", right!?

Well... not exactly :( That's why you NEED to leverage word of mouth to spread your message. Inspired by Dropbox, we started incentivising every signup to spread the word, and the results have been astounding.

This calculator helps you estimate the effect of such a viral loop.

1. Initial Visitors to Promo Page

Estimate the amount of people who will visit your page. You can get visitors by sharing your promotion to yous subscribers or followers via email, SMS, social or display ads to start the ball rolling.

2. Opt-In Conversion Rate

Estimate the amount of people who will signup based on your previous campaign results.

3. % of People that Shares

Estimate how many people will share your promotion. if you have an attractive offer, put in a high percentage.

4. Average Referred Visitors

Estimate the amount of people who was refereed who will also signup and start the viral loop, for example, the average social media user has over 500 friends or followers, so amount under 50 is very realistic.

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