Mar 6, 2020
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How do QR Codes work and what are the benefits?

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The emergence of latest technology and use of remote devices in every field of life has changed how businesses tend to their marketing needs. Instead of printing an advertisement in newspaper, business marketers are more likely to utilize social media marketing. This is as a direct result of people, customer’s and clients that reach out to each other on social.

Social Media is how effective marketing works these days.

The recent increase in the use of mobile phones made QR codes one of the best marketing strategies. A few companies, blogs, and newspapers claimed that QR codes are out of trend. With the advent of the mobile phone usage explosion — these QR codes have become relevant again — big time.

Top-tier companies are still using them as their primary marketing strategy and smaller companies and entrepreneurs are witnessing the resurgence of this technology.

Today, these Quick Response Codes (QR codes) aren’t the same black-and-white squares.

⦁ They have been innovated upon and have emerged with great customized QR codes.
⦁ With customized QR codes, you can embed customized designs, colors, images, and your logo within code.
⦁ The design, logo, and colors are aimed to complement your business types.

How can these QR codes work for you? QR codes have been made compatible with almost all remote devices that have a camera.
Some mobile phones even come with a built-in function to scan a QR code. And some older devices may require downloading the QR code scanner from App Store.

A QR code scanner scans the code, analyze, and process the data to showcase the stored content in the code. A QR code can contain:

⦁ A URL to a landing page
⦁ Business information i.e. contact, email, logo, customer reviews and more.
⦁ A VCard that showcases your business contact information
⦁ Media files i.e. mp3, photos etc.
⦁ Wi-fi credentials. You can also connect the Wi-Fi just by scanning the code.
⦁ Redirect to a certain application.

There is a difference between static and dynamic QR codes.

While the static QR codes can provide loads of information to the users, dynamic QR codes can help you tracking data of the users as a marketing campaign. You can get the location, time, device type etc. of every user who scans your QR code. Moreover, Dynamic QR codes also works best when you want to redirect the user to a different webpage.

Benefits of QR Codes

As discussed earlier, QR codes have evolved much and offers greater benefit than just providing information to the users. Here are few benefits of using QR codes are a marketing strategy

⦁ They offer secured data transmission
⦁ They are compatible with almost all smart phones
⦁ QR codes provides an easy way to reach to your customers
⦁ You can determine your targeted audience by keeping track of data i.e. location, time, device type and more.
⦁ Visual QR codes are more likely to appeal users


The high-end features of QR codes today, provide instant accessibility and user-friendly atmosphere. Usage of the QR Codes will be an exciting part of your new marketing campaigns. Many companies are using these QR codes to great advantage and you can too. Use your QR Codes to sell your products or services, increase website traffic and create greater brand awareness. All a perfect fit to your marketing strategy.

The amazing features that allow your clients and customers to connect to your own Wi-Fi using a QR code instead of password, let’s them feel a part of your very special tech world with ease.

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