Social Suite: Business

One platform to rule them all!

Manage all your social media posts, products & promotions, market your business, monitor your brand and message your customers.


Logo"We saved 70% of time, money & resources with 80% increase in customer loyalty & sales!"

Logo"This helps us invest, react, and act to turn more complainers into praisers and brand advocates."

Logo"If you want to succeed with social media marketing, then this is the best platform to do it."

Logo"Highly recommended if looking to improve productivity, grow customers and increase your profits!"

Logo"Emails usually end up in span folder, with this all-in-one social messaging tools, we get 99% inbox rates every time with just one click!"

Logo"The Social Suite platform helped us find out who is talking about our company and competitors on social media and review sites."

Logo"Social Suite is a great way to manage our social media reputation, find new leads and grow sales."

Logo"This lets us take full control of our content, publishing, promotions and messaging in one place."

Logo"Empowers us to engage our community and to tailor right content for right customer at right time."

Logo"Social Suite platform helps us to manage, market, message and monitor and get back on top of social media!"

Social Suite: Personal

One stream to combine them all!

View or create a stream to view multiple social media profile in one place and make money with advertising.


Profile"This saves me time from searching and visiting multiple social media profiles daily, I just go to one place."

Profile"Instead of visiting multiple social profiles, I simply view a social stream to view all social activity on one page."

Profile"I can track new content and conversations on multiple social media networks in one place, so I don't miss out."

Profile"As a business, it helps us amplify buzz about our products and services, keeping our brand top of mind."

Profile"As a publisher, visitors shared my posts and I made money by selling ad space on my popular stream."

Social Suite: Business

One app to rule them all!

For social media managers and support. Use multiple social accounts, find leads, manage contacts, content and tasks in one place.



Social Suite: Personal

Make money with your Instagram Profile!

Influencer with many followers? Connect with brands to promote your favorite products to your followers and get paid!


Social Suite: Business

Get a new website for your business or makeover

Use our powerful and easy to use website builder. With over 50 industries and 200 templates to build your perfect site in under 30 mins!


Business Social Kiosks


Business Account Management


Personal Social Trading


Personal Social Screen


"Social Suite support app for the multimedia support phone with a gorgeous design coupled with powerful specs."
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"Social Suite Support app for your multimedia phone, delivers in almost every way."
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About Social Suite

We're a global social media agency that's provided award-winning social media solutions for business & personal users for years. It all started in 2014 with one big idea: One social platform to rule them all; to save 70% of your time, money, resources!

Now, there is need to stress by using multiple sites, software, scripts or services to manage your social media, we put all essential social media apps, tools and bots in one place so you can do it easier, faster and cheaper with Social Suite to take control of your time, improve your productivity and gain freedom to enjoy life!

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