Star Points

Means how many points customer gets for 1 star (for example, 50 points for 1 star).


Means how many points customer gets when they checkin (for example, 25 points to checkin, so they need 2 checkins for 1 star).

Deduct Days

This is to gamify rewards. Choose how many days to start deducting points (for example, start deductng points after 14 days).

Deduct Points

How many points to deduct if customer has not checkin after days above (for example, they lose 25 points if not checkin after 14 days).


Enter the link to the reward (e.g. a website or facebook page etc).

Rewards Link

This is the link for your customers to checkin with facebook to get points. Link the page to a QR code poster or table tent for your counter.

Approval Link

This is the link you cn view all customer checkins. Just click the green tick button to approval checkins. You can delete customer after you approval checkin if you wish.

Once customer gets all points for 5 stars, then they can show confirmation on mobile screen to claim. On approval page, you can reset customer points.

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