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"Social Local is an online app that helps you find, chat and meet local people with similar interests, anywhere in the world via facebook Messenger! Find a date, make new friends, sell your stuff, hire a professional and much more locally."




All-in-one social media marketing platform

1. Login with facebook

Then complete your profile once. You can edit it later.


2. Choose your location

Using google maps and select any street, store, venue etc.


3. View users in location

Filter by category or demographics then contact them on messenger.


What is Social Local?

Social Local is a simple and easy-to-use app for all devices and platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV, Kiosk, all browsers) to help you connect, chat and meet with local people in your area with similar interests, anywhere in the world via Facebook Messenger! It's like a local classifieds for Facebook Messenger!

How does it work?

Just connect with your Facebook account, choose from over 50 categories, complete your profile details once and select your location (using Google maps which will automatically detect your country). You will then see a list of people who are also in your area (you can extend the search radius by meters or miles). You can view pictures, filter demographics (e.g age, gender etc), read descriptions and contact them directly on Facebook messenger to send text or media messages (pictures, videos, audio, files etc) and arrange to meet in your location. It don't get any easier than that!

What to use if for?

You can use Social Local for personal or business use. If you're a landlord with rooms to rent or if you're seeking a Buddy Up, If you're traveling or a tourist and want to make new friends in your area, if you're at a coffee shop, store, venue or event and want to find a date or meet new people with similar interests, if you want to sell, buy or swap your stuff locally, if you have a local job or want to hire a professional in your area then this is the perfect app for you!

How much is it?

You can try the app for free for 7 days, after that, the contact buttons are disabled. Just make payment (only £14.99 for 14 days) or upgrade free by sharing with friends to extend your time and contact unlimited people anywhere, anyplace, anytime!

Connect with BILLIONS of locals around the world on Facebook Messenger...

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MILLIONS of great places to use Social Local!

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Amazing features to suit your needs!

Works Locally

See a list of people who are in your actual location, anytime.


Powerful Search

View pictures, filter by category, age, gender, status and more.



Contact anyone directly on Facebook messenger to send text or media.


Earn Money

Share with friends to get free upgrade codes to resell and earn money!